Movie Review: The Arrival

Until I watched The Arrival, I thought I had experienced almost every emotion. Yet the film was a series of subtle movements toward a final destination: an indescribable combination of awe, exaltation, joy, and relief. I’m sure a culture that focuses on meditation has a word for it. It left me feeling as if my […]

How I Got into Standup (with Video)

It was all one crazy accident after another. In January of 2013 I got a text from my friend Katy asking me to be in the Weinbach musical Made in China with her. I hadn’t been on a stage since high school 13 years ago, but she knew I had always wanted to get back […]

My First Open Mic at BrainWash

I went to BrainWash last night, and I’m embarrassed to say it was my first time there. I should have been going at least once a month. Their Thursday night open mic is a San Francisco comedic institution. Tony Sparks has been the host for the past 14 years, and so many Bay Area comedians […]